ui ux mistakes

Here are some common mistakes made in UI/UX. Try to avoid these to achieve better quality UI/UX.

Choosing Creativity, Over Usability!

One of the biggest mistakes done in UI/UX is to give less importance to the usability over creativity. No matter how good the idea and the product looks, if you are failing to provide better usability, the user will also never fail to abandon you.

ui ux design mistakes

Following Trends, Blindly!

However, most of the ideas you look over Dribbble or Behance cannot and may never make it to reality, because of their poor usability and a likewise user experience. Try to sense the balance that looks aesthetically pleasing and where they add value.

ui ux design mistakes

Not-responsive design

If you are still failing to offer responsive designs to your users, then it’s time to go through the courses again. Responsively designed websites are flexible across all the device screen resolutions, along with providing better Google mobile ranking opportunities.

Is your web page mobile-friendly?

responsive website design

Confusing Navigation

if users are unable to understand where to find what they want, they will leave the website or app in no time. Your website or app navigation should be as clean as a negative space, and it should always meet user expectations. Place the website elements exactly where they are expecting to find it.

ui ux mistakes

Designing without Content

As said by Jeffrey Zeldman “Design in the absence of content is not design, its decoration.”
Designing without content is cooking without a recipe. It is essential to understand that content is the foremost important part of any website or app. with dummy content, designers can’t create meaningful user interfaces. Using Lorem Ipsum designers can’t give feel and nature to designs that they deserve.

ui ux design mistakes

Hard-to-Read Fonts

Fonts should not only look good but be legible too. If your users are unable to read your website effortlessly and faster, they will instantly go back to land on your legible competitor. Remember to use only web-fonts. Also, do check online for other rules related to line spacing, line length & font size.

Golden Rules for Line Spacing:

  • For optimal readability aim for about 140%-180%
  • Limit line length to 70–80 characters.
  • The font size should be minimum 12pt.
  • Small fonts need more spacing.
  • Check your line spacing when you change font or font size.
ui ux mistakes

Poor Contrast

Low contrast equals to lower usability. Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) requires at least 4.5:1 contrast. To achieve proper contrast and legibility, designers should strive for the optimum combination in their designs: size, weight, and color.

Contrast in Color: Use a color scheme generator to generate perfect color combinations for your designs.
Contrast in Size: Create a hierarchy using big headings to catch visitor/s attention. And, use small font sizes for the less important stuff.
Contrast in Alignment: Alignment allows the viewer to identify related elements effortlessly.

ui ux mistakes

Unintuitive Call to Action Buttons

The majority of the navigation happens through buttons. These are better known as Call To Action buttons. Make sure to avoid buttons that are too small, hard to see & placed in the wrong direction.

Color: A CTA button should stand out from the background and grab user attention.
Size: A CTA button should be big enough to stand out, but small enough to be inviting

ui ux mistakes

Bad Forms

One can find the best examples of form on almost all websites and poorly designed ones too. Creating a website/app form is like interviewing your users. The most common mistakes designers make is getting the users confused by creating a bad connection between Label Name and Form Input.

ui ux mistakes

UI/UX designer aims to create engaging user experiences, help site visitors accomplish tasks, and increase conversions. It is wise to take care of the above-mentioned-points to produce a better UI/UX design that will take care of user satisfaction. And, if you are looking for interactive UI/UX designs? Get in touch with our team at AMH Web Studio now!