Top-Notch Benefits of Facebook Advertising for Your Business

I’m sure you know about Facebook Advertising and some of its key benefits too. However, there is a lot more than you realize about the benefits and it’s a vital role in taking your business to next level success. Today, we will be focusing on some serious benefits of Facebook Advertising that will encourage your business to make your jaw drop.

If you have been looking for some tips to enhance your online business through Facebook, believe me, you have landed on the perfect island which will make your treasure hunting successful. You are losing ‘N’ number of potential clients every day if you’re not advertising your business/brand on Facebook and to view this situation in the opposite mirror you’ll realize that your competitors are surely be using this advantage will less competition. By not providing a perfect platform for your business to grow and help you in return, you’re not just doing injustice to your business but yourself too.

You help your business grow like a tree, it will help you have its juicy fruits. Let’s understand this formula with below points:

Top Benefits of Facebook Advertising:

1. Your Client’s Spend Most Of Their Time On Facebook:

The fact comes first. More than 80% of internet users use Facebook (2.7 Billion monthly users and over 1.50 Billion daily users) and more than 65% includes adults and middle-aged. With the number of users, Facebook is checked by them multiple times per day. The majority of your clients are on one platform. So, there is no better place to spread brand awareness as they use it daily.

2. Most Targeted Form Of Advertising:

Facebook is the most targeted form of advertising due to its ability to reach the exact audience. You can advertise your business specifically to people considered by age, gender, interest, behavior, location, etc. The tip here is to understand what categories make your audience. Know them and engage them.

3. Cheapest Form Of Advertising:

Another crucial benefit of Facebook Advertising is it’s costing. You can spend only 100 INR and reach 1500-1600 people, isn’t this a great deal for your business. For the same number of people to reach via ads on television commercials, billboards, radio, and other traditional media you’ll almost have to empty your pockets.

4. Fast Mode Of Advertisement:

Facebook advertising is way fast than any other advertising media with immediate results. Creating an ad on Facebook is as easy and fast as buttering your bread. As soon as you publish your ad you will start reaching thousands of people within a few hours. Facebook ad is the best solution when it comes to the fastest way to drive traffic and conversion.

5. Facebook Ad Increases Brand Awareness:

Have you ever thought about what makes a business a ‘brand’? It is the awareness of that business. When your business competes online with top giants, it doesn’t matter how small or new your business is, Facebook always treats everybody fairly and gives equal business opportunities to all. To create something unique but the engaging ad will boost your awareness like never before, as it is shared among your audience and gets recognized.

6. Facebook Ads Increases Website Traffic:

Yes, you read that right. You can start with several campaigns that will make your audience to land on your website and have a proper look on products/services. The chances of conversion are far more than other traditional ad media. There are multiple sources you can get traffic and conversion from, but nothing beats Facebook in terms of timely driven, cost-effectiveness, interested users.

7. Facebook Ads Increases Sales, Revenue & Leads:

Facebook provides businesses with an opportunity to test a wide variety of targeting types to find the most cost-effective ways to drive leads and sales. Start with your goals, identify your target market, set a budget, figure out the best type of ad that suits your audience, measure results, rotate your ads, ask their problems, answer them solutions, etc., by this way you can increase your business sales, revenue and leads online.

8. Facebook Advertising Is Measurable:

You won’t keep guessing with Facebook advertising. The results are calculated and give you a better idea of how your ads are performing and their numbers will speak for itself. With complete insights, Facebook provides important data like impressions, clicks, and conversions. With conversion pixels installed on your website (Facebook ad specialist will help you out with this), you can easily get all the necessary data from which you can measure your success.

9. It Increases Your Customer Attribution:

Attribution simply means, for how many times your audience sees your brand/business. The more your audience interacts with your business, the more they will be likely to convert again and again. Provide your customers with great care, reliable product/services, acknowledge them, take some time to appreciate their efforts if they review you or mention you or share your business. Your customers create your brand goodwill.

10. Lowers Your Cost Per Acquisition:

If you get your Facebook ads up and running to work for your business, it will decrease your acquisition costs. Just because Facebook is cost-effective, you can cut-off other expensive media and focus on the best ad platform till now. The amount you spend on your ad campaign is far less than what you get from conversion.

11. Drives Offline Sales as well:

Facebook ads also help to drive offline sales. Not everybody who sees your business online will want to get your products/services online. Many customers still opting for offline services. However, they search for it online and then visit the offline store. With better reviews and recognition of your brand on Facebook, you see a high number of boost in offline sales as well.

12. Facebook Ads Can Be Driven Through Re-marketing:

To make it simple, if someone visits your website in search of a product/service, but does not purchase anything and left your website, you can still re-engage them with Facebook advertising. That means, the next time they open their Facebook account, they will see your product/service again as an ad. Facebook remarketing is the best USP of Facebook ads.

13. Facebook Ad Also Drives Repetitive Business:

What better for a business to have their past customers become loyal customers. Sound great, right! Well, with Facebook ad campaigns you can import your customer’s email ID which will allow you to advertise directly to your client that is most likely to buy from you.

14. Facebook Ad Builds Engagement:

Engagement is important because it signifies a stronger connection with your target audience. Facebook ads consist of like, comment, share, tag, mention, etc., which is vital for any business to interact with their audience. Psychology proves that the more engaged your audience is, the stronger your connection is with them.

15. It Increases Word-Of-Mouth & Referrals:

If you create an ad that is loved by your audience, they will certainly share it with others. If your advertisements go viral then the ability to spread word-of-mouth and referrals will be of significant benefit your business can ever capitalize on. This makes Facebook advertising better than any other form of advertising media.

16. It Helps You Build Your Email List:

The buy product of Facebook advertising is that it gives a whole list of email IDs of your clients. This can fuel your email marketing efforts. You can easily capture your leads email IDs for email marketing or you can also create direct traffic onto your website with external forms.

17. Facebook Helps In Increasing Your Blog Traffic:

Blogs are a great way to maintain a deeper connection with your audience. You can use Facebook advertising to bridge the connection between your blog and traffic. Expose your blogs to masses and generate instant traffic onto your website. With blogging, you gain more trust and credibility with your audience.

18. Helps In Increasing Your SEO Rankings:

Even search engines rely on social signals to rank a website. Social signals such as the activity on your social ads as likes, comments, shares, etc., have a direct influence on your SEO rankings. Not to forget the reviews and recommendations you get from your clients are also one of the factors of SEO rankings.

19. Facebook Ad Helps You Expand Into New Markets:

Facebook advertising helps you to break into new markets. For any upcoming product or services, you can let your audience know about it in advance. Also, with this, you can start a survey on what are the expectation of the clients in terms of your new products/services. This will help you understand the market better and provide you with a way to start exploring it.

20. Facebook Ad Is Real-Time Advertisement:

It’s a real-time process. At any given point of time, you can measure your ad campaign and if you’re unhappy with the results you get, you can make necessary changes that will help you achieve desired results. This is not possible with any other advertising media like T.V., radio, banners, etc.

21. Competitor Analysis:

With Facebook, you can analyze your competitors’ success and also learn from their failures. Look out for what they are offering to their clients, what strategies they’re using, what new they are coming with every day. This will help you understand how far you can take your business to grow and expand further. Remember, if you’re not using Facebook to reach your audience, your competitors are making most of it.

22. It Makes You Compete With Large Business:

Facebook doesn’t differentiate with a large firm, small firm, new or old firm. It plays fair. This gives you an equal opportunity to take a stand for your online business. Competing with bigger companies will eventually help you with better strategies for engaged customers. You make the most of it!

23. Facebook Advertising Is Mobile Advertising:

Everybody knows what impact do mobile phones have in the current era in terms of usability. With more than 50% of internet users are using it on mobile, over 85% of Facebook users access it via mobile internet. Facebook is one the largest mobile application that exits in today’s world and the best part is that everyone loves using it. Be a trendsetter and showcase your brand message instantly to all.

24. Facebook Advertising Is Budget-Friendly:

It’s not wrong to say that Facebook advertising is the most budget-friendly media out there. You are in control of your budget and expenses. At any given point of time, you can pause or resume your ads, increase or decrease the budget at your convenience. You get time to measure and realize how the ad campaign is working for you. If you think it is not boosting as per your expectation you can stop overspending on it.

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Final Conclusion: 

Being the most cost-effective advertising investment with ‘N’ numbers of audience, one can always rely on Facebook to provide with good results. It’s a result-oriented platform that can be measured. The targeting options are much precise than the rest. Target people by their categories such as gender, age, demographic location, interest, behavior, and many more. You don’t search for the audience here, audience search for your business here.

Start investing in a professional Facebook Advertising campaign and get ready to see the wonders for your business.

If you know how to use Facebook Advertising appropriately, we wish you good luck to go ahead and generate serious income from your business. However, if in case you’re still unable to reach the start point or still have a doubt, please feel free to leave your question in the comments box and our Facebook Ads Specialist will respond to you as soon as possible to make things easier for you.

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