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Anyone who has access to the internet understands how social media channels are revolutionizing the marketing space.

The most commonly used social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn amongst all. However, there is a rise in another platform — text-based, which has more users than LinkedIn and Instagram combined.

Yes, you guessed that right – its WhatsApp. It has more than 1.5 billion monthly users and is essentially fulfilling the regular communication needs of the masses. With such a vast audience base, it’s an excellent place for businesses to engage with their ideal customers.

So today, we will flash some lights on what is WhatsApp Marketing and it’s Strategies.

First, let’s understand what is WhatsApp Marketing.

WhatsApp was created in 2009 by two ex-Yahoo employees who wanted to make free communication available to everyone. From there, they went on a train ride, since they were the fastest company ever to 450 million active monthly users, and ended up getting acquired by Facebook in 2014 for $19 billion.

That is almost twenty times as much Facebook paid for Instagram, that’s how important it seemed for Facebook at the time.

Seeing such a wide target base, businesses are realizing the power of WhatsApp Marketing and they are looking for professionals who can design and execute result-driven top-notch WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategies.

There are numerous reasons why we recommend implementing WhatsApp as part of your marketing tools. For starters, this is a free application, whose use is so widespread that probably contains among its users your target audience.

But there is more: Because of its features, Whatsapp gives you the possibility to communicate with your customers directly and in real-time. This is a huge advantage when it comes to getting to know your audience’s opinions (e.g. through surveys) and providing personalized attention.

Steps To Design A Successful WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategy

1. Understanding The Need Of WhatsApp Marketing For Your Business:

The best reason to include WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategy for business is, the great number of their customers would already be using it whom they can target and convert via WhatsApp marketing.
Like other top-rated Social Media Channels, WhatsApp too has become ubiquitous as a top-ranked messaging APP. It is the most sought-after messaging application in the world and such a great acceptance is the reason why businesses need to run WhatsApp Marketing Campaign.

2. Know the Available Ways to use WhatsApp Marketing Campaign:

With a different version of WhatsApp for iPhones, Android Phones, and Windows phone, Web App and Desktop versions of WhatsApp is also available for you.
WhatsApp goes through your contact lists and displays you an up-to-date directory of WhatsApp users who you already know.

Below are the 3 best ways to use WhatsApp Marketing :

A. One-to-one chat :
This is the most common way in which WhatsApp is used. Individuals who have each other’s phone numbers can use Whatsapp to text each other without incurring traditional SMS charges. You can also call each other, share images and videos, and even send recorded voice messages.

B. Broadcast lists :
With a broadcast list, you can send a message to 256 people at once. They will receive the message as long as your number is saved in their phone book. Much like a BCC email, the message comes to them in the form of a one-on-one message.

C. Groups :
Whatsapp groups have become a ubiquitous feature of Whatsapp. From school friends to family members, Whatsapp groups allow people to stay connected as a group. A Whatsapp group can accommodate up to 256 people and allows sharing of text messages, videos, photos, and audio messages.

3. Get ideas from Successful WhatsApp Marketing Campaigns:
Many businesses are already using WhatsApp to engage with customers. Here are a bunch of successful WhatsApp Campaigns;

A. Hellman’s :
Hellmann’s is a mayonnaise brand that wanted to convert more people to using Hellmann’s in Brazil. This campaign began in 2014 so it was truly the prehistoric days of WhatsApp marketing campaigns but because it was such a great success we have tons of information on the results.
Users were acquired through a special website “WhatsCook” setup by Hellmann’s. Users just enter their phone number and by doing so they opt-in to the WhatsApp campaign.
Once signed up they receive a message through WhatsApp from a human chef. The chef prompts them to upload a picture of the ingredients they have on hand. Then proceeds to give advice on what they can cook with those leftover ingredients together with Hellmann’s.

YOOX noticed that their personal shopping team was regularly using their personal WhatsApp account to communicate with customers.
In addition, members of the personal shopping team insisted that clients didn’t want to login to the YOOX app and preferred to receive product suggestions and complete transactions in WhatsApp instead.
Staff from the personal shopping team were then able to communicate with their clients, clients were able to confirm purchases directly through WhatsApp and notifications about shipping were piped in as well. This created a one-stop solution for customers.

C. Absolut Vodka :
They zeroed on WhatsApp to drive their marketing because firstly, it is the most personalized marketing platform and secondly, 84% of Argentina’s mobile phone users had Whatsapp at that time.
They hosted a very exclusive launch party for the product and decided to make just two invitations open to the public. They also created an imaginary doorman named Sven and anyone who wanted to attend the party had to contact Sven on Whatsapp and persuade him to invite them.
This resulted in a viral Whatsapp marketing campaign. The campaign generated just the buzz Absolut was looking for. More than 1000 unique images, videos, and audio messages were actually created by users looking to attend the launch.

4. Know the best WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategies:
WhatsApp does not provide sell ad space or any business-specific features, it is why very important to be innovative, engaging and interesting in your WhatsApp marketing approach.

Below are some best WhatsApp Marketing campaign strategies:

  • Create an Engaging Brand Persona for Whatsapp to chat with users and build buzz.
  • Offer one-on-one help to inspire new uses for a product
  • Offer Great Value to build a phone database, plus, be Interactive and engaging.
  • Offer discreet advice and service to high-value customers.
  • Encourage user opt-in and Provide simple and clear instructions.
  • Offer Always On Relevant Content for Free
  • Deliver Speedy Customer Service
  • Ensure Consumer Research

5. Know best WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Tools

The Whatsapp for Business tool allows for certain features including the ability to sort, automate, and respond quickly to messages.
Since Whatsapp doesn’t offer any tools for Whatsapp marketing, the only option is to go for the below tools and grow your campaign.

A. WhatsApp Bulk Sender:
Whatsapp Bulk Sender is the most advanced WhatsApp bulk sender software ever. You can share images, videos, and promotional plans in bulk.

B. Bulk WhatsApp Sender :
An ultimate WhatsApp marketing service provider, WhatsApp bulk sender tool, provides a number of options and services to users to increase the flexibility and reliability in sending the campaigns. Additionally, it also provides an anti-blocking feature to reduce the chance of getting blocked and hence keeps the account safe.

C. WA Panel :
WA Panel is a cloud-based WhatsApp messaging application with an automated WhatsApp marketing panel.
The best part is you don’t have to be there on your PC and schedule the messages continuously. Since it’s a web-based application, it can be operated remotely and also is effective in scaling your campaign to the larger number.

D. WappBlaster :
From bulk sender WappBlaster, you can send unlimited messages to your potential clients.
It lets you enhance your message by attaching a picture or a video with a caption.
You can avail free Filter software, all over India database, unlimited channels for the USA, and 5 India real SIM channels with WappBlaster software.

E. WhatsApp SMS Myntra :
WhatsApp SMS myntra helps you send bulk text messages to numerous clients immediately. It provides highly developed features that let you keep track of your marketing campaigns. You can even choose to promote your business worldwide by making use of their database.

F. WhatSender :
WhatSender is free software that allows you to send bulk messages right from your PC. It is supported by the following OS – Windows XP, Windows Vista/7/8, and Windows 10 (32 & 64 bit). However, the free version does not allow you to copy or import multiple contacts from a file.

Conclusion :
We believe that businesses should incorporate top WhatsApp Marketing Campaign Strategy in their marketing campaigns because of their power, interactive nature, great convenience, personal touch, and effective applicability.

On the concluding note, we hope you find this post a good start to learn and develop a WhatsApp Marketing Campaign that effectively targets and successfully converts.

Please feel free to comment and let us know about other WhatsApp Marketing tools that you think must be listed here. If you want to plan for a short WhatsApp Marketing strategy, get in touch with our Digital Marketing Specialist at AMH Web Studio now!

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