Email Marketing in 2020
Email Marketing in 2020

Of all the marketing techniques, email marketing is often ranked as the top contributor to a successful digital strategy.

Every marketing effort you make can be promoted via email.
Creating content for your blog? Share it with subscribers via email.

Launching a social media contest? Invite subscribers to join with an email invitation.

Want to drive traffic to your website? Send a product email to subscribers and follow it up with a retargeting ad through paid search.

As you can see, no matter what kind of marketing you do, email is at the center of it.

So today, we will discuss in the future and recent trends of email marketing.

But firstly, let’s understand,
Why You Should Invest In Email Marketing

The study shows that for each dollar you spend on email marketing, you can get $44 as your ROI.

This is roughly 44 times more from that of TV advertisements.

Here are some statistics to encourage you more

  • 59% of marketers get most of their ROI from email marketing.
  • Email influences 60% of the consumer’s decision-making process.
  • 49% of consumers like to receive emails from their favorite brands.
  • 61% of customers wish to get informed via email about the new products and services, instead of any other medium.

Once you keep your fingers on the pulse of your industry, you can get amazing results through email marketing.

Top Trends of Email Marketing In 2021

1. Accessible Content in Email

The use of smart speakers, voice assistants, and other smart devices is increasing day by day. Research suggests that the number of smart speaker users will hit the 250 million mark worldwide in 2021.

Pro email marketers have shifted their focus on creating email marketing campaigns with accessibility in mind.

Also, keeping in mind the users who are visually impaired or specially-abled can also consume the content with no restrictions.

2. User-Generated Content

Today, more brands are concentrating on producing user-generated content for their email campaigns.

Some common approaches include requesting feedbacks for improvement, asking simple survey type questions to understand more about consumer psychology, and writing in a way that the consumer has no choice but to get attracted to email.

3. Interactive Email Elements

Interactive emails encourage users to engage with the brand. In 2020, more brands are using and will continue using interactivity beyond the base level of entertaining readers by encouraging clicks and other forms of engagement right inside the email.

Some of the best examples of interactive email elements are polls and surveys, use of rollover effect to highlight product offerings, interactive image or product slides that can be controlled by the consumer, use of animated buttons and CTAs, and more.

4. AI and Email Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is used in email marketing to search for the most relevant content for existing and new clients, ensuring that the content reaches the target at a suitable time.

AI systems do wonder for businesses because they use past consumer behaviors to predict future actions. Instead of avoiding AI-based marketing in 2021 and beyond, see it as an opportunity to create an overwhelming marketing process.

The email landscape in 2021 will show how far automation and machine learning have come, and it will only get better!

5. Mobile First

There is no doubt that the consumer behavior of data (content) consumption is more on mobile phones than that of desktops

Your emails are more likely to be read on a mobile device than a desktop. Leading to the conclusion that email marketers have to place more emphasis on putting mobile-first in the design of the email content.

Unfortunately, mobile optimization is not always a straight forward process. The HTML code in the background of your email determines whether it can unfold into a format that is easily viewable on mobile or not. However, there are many other ways to ensure mobile optimization such as tweaking the overall design, layout, copy, and embedded images.

6. Quality over Quantity

Email marketing in 2021 is all about hitting with your marketing messages at the right spots at the right time while ensuring minimal words possible. As the focus on accessibility and mobile-friendliness intensifies, clear designs, and concise copy in all email content are now more important than ever.

More brands are increasing their copywriting and designing budgets to make the most of this new trend. If you do not have much budget, focus on simplifying your content first in order to improve your chances of reaping the complete email marketing benefits.

7. Brand Stories and Authenticity

Customers want to connect with your company on a personal level and with authentic content, and quality brand stories, your business can connect stronger with your target audience. This will allow you to boost engagement with your audience and ultimately improve your relationship with them.

You need to elude content that sounds generic or robotic and start embracing conversational content that incorporates everyday experiences. This way, your customer will never feel like they are just another unknown user that has received a mass-blasted email but instead, it attaches more value to the content they read.

8. Social Media Integration

Social media gives brands a way to connect with their target audience without appearing too sales-focused.

A good average of users relies on social media to find products and know the opinion of other people about certain brands. Many businesses are already making the most of this by combining email marketing and social media. For example, a fashion brand can run an email marketing campaign that includes images and Instagram profiles of people wearing their products.

This method of combining social media and email highlights the popularity of the business and proves the credibility of brands. The content of the email can be further tweaked to encourage customer participation, which can open paths to more brand exposure and ultimately, more sales.

As technology continues to improve, marketers need to embrace changes as soon as possible and tweak campaign strategies to stay ahead in this competitive world.
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