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Facebook Business Manager Tool Pros, Cons and FAQs

From understanding what Facebook business manager is and it’s benefits, to how to use and implement it, we have covered all that you need to kick start with Facebook business manager tool.

However, before moving further to managing all your business and Personal Facebook pages at one place, let’s put some light on its pros and cons. Like any other thing in this world, Facebook manager tool also has its own pros and cons. Since its release, the Facebook business manager tool has its own share of compliment and criticism. So, today we will be putting our heads together on what are the pros, cons, common issues and FAQs of FBM (Facebook business manager).

It is up to you to determine if the pros outweigh the cons for you and your business. Let’s dig into it.

Pros of the Facebook Business Manager :

Managing multiple accounts :

The top benefit of a Facebook business manager is its ability to manage and synchronize multiple accounts of users at one time. This helps to have complete visibility on the resources, pages and ad accounts you manage.
It also provides you with a single hub for managing multiple pages, adding team members and assigning them the permissions that each needs according to their roles and their responsibilities to manage ad accounts.

Avoid mixing up a personal and professional profile :

At times, we post something on our business page and realize that it has been posted on our personal profile. This results in unnecessarily complicated activity as all our personal contacts get to see strictly professional information.
With the Facebook business manager, you can always be assured that your personal and professional life never mixes up. Once you’ve added your page to Business Manager, you’ll always see a gray bar on top of your page. This feature distinguishes your Facebook business account and your personal profile.

Interacting with other businesses:

Facebook business manager lets you manage and add your business assets and even communicate with the other businesses.
If you work as an agency, it is now easier for your clients to provide you the access to their business page. You simply need to request access through your Business Manager page and it will notify your clients to provide you with the access. This also ensures that you only pick up and add accounts which are relevant to you hence avoiding chances of mix-ups.

Able to use additional functions:

Have you developed any app in the developer’s section? If yes, then Facebook business manager even lets you add your app within a couple of clicks. You can add an app you own to your Business Manager or request access to someone else’s app.
You can not only add apps and people but also product feed, associate other sources and even manage product catalogs with ease.
All these facilities are otherwise not available on Facebook account/page and hence make your job quite simple to accomplish.

Cons of the Facebook Business Manager:

Comes along with Bugs:

You will inevitably come across several bugs as you use Facebook Business Manager. the reported bugs are from across the web, ranging from loss of admin rights to the complete loss of Pages and/or ad accounts.
Facebook is constantly repairing bugs at lightning-fast speeds, but new ones appear almost daily. Lets hope, Facebook can iron out the wrinkles so that using this good tool will be even better.

Complex & time consuming to learn:

When you try to launch your first campaign, you’re faced not only with the seeming complexity of the Facebook Ads Manager but also the fact that new features are added to it every week. This makes it impossible to keep up with all the changes.
You can’t schedule shared posts. If you want to share a post from another page, you have to do it in real-time.

Not enough information available:

Even though the Facebook business manager is widely promoted to advertisers and marketers, many still want to stay away from using it. Why? Because there is not much information available for them to understand its working completely.
When you decide to “DIY� your Facebook Advertising Strategy, you’re bombarded with conflicting information about what the best advertising practices are.

Cannot remove the main account:

Another piece of the equation that is insane is that any ad accounts added to the Business Manager will stay there forever. There is no way to remove an ad account once it’s added, which makes minus sense.
This is because Facebook has not yet made that process and even if you are not working on a particular account, its details cannot be removed in any possible manner.

Common issues facing the Facebook Business Manager:

(Faq) Frequently asked questions and answers for Facebook Business Manager

1. Do I have to use a Business manager?
Ans – You don’t need to. However, in case you are handed with multiple clients at a time then the Facebook business manager helps to make your work simplified and efficient.

2. Do I need a Facebook page to use the business manager?
Ans – Yes, and that page should be committed to the business you wish to advertise.

3. Do I have to use my Facebook account to join a business?
Ans – Yes, for security reasons, business managers should verify their account by linking it to their Facebook page.

4. How does my app get access to my business manager API’s?
Ans – In case your app comes with ads API access then automatically it gets linked to your business manager APIs. Whenever you are setting up your business manager you can claim your app or add it through the app advanced settings panel.

5. Is there any way I can pass permissions given to one business to another business?
Ans – No. With the current system of working this is still not possible.

6. Can I add a credit card to my business?
Ans – Yes. Facebook accepts multiple payment options, including credit cards and PayPal payments so you have a good amount of flexibility when it comes to how you are paying for your Facebook ads.

Conclusion :
Having said earlier, everything in this world has its own pros and cons. It’s up to us on how we complement its pros and criticize its cons. What’s better for a company should ever be in use. If you are still not sure about its implementation or have any further doubts, please feel free to get in touch with AMH Web Studio today!

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