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Why Do You Need A Marketing Agency To Manage Your Google Ads?

In a world full of opportunities and a busy schedule, businesses always tend to get confused about whether to hire an in-house team for Google Ads or outsource the ads campaign to a marketing agency or simply DIY (Do It Yourself).

There are a number of things that are vital components of running successful ad campaigns. Making the right choice from the above three options (DIY, In-House Team & Marketing Agency) is a hard task.

However, if you understand the pros and cons of all the three choices then things can get more clear and beneficial to your business as well as your marketing budget.

By wasting no time, let’s figure out what’s best for you and your business.

Managing Google Ads Campaign By DIY

First-things-first, there are literally hundreds of different tabs and sections to focus on, and a thousand more metrics that you need to understand if you wish to handle the campaign by yourself.

Entrepreneurs who enjoy learning new skills on a daily basis may opt for DIY Google Ads.

If you are a startup or enjoy a small scale business and are willing to provide enough time on insights then you may go with this choice. However, doing it by yourself is like being your own mechanic or your own acupuncturist.

Pros Of Managing Google Ads By Yourself

  • It is relatively affordable when compared with the other two options.
  • There are lots of available tools to help you create a useful campaign.
  • You can find online documentation that will help you learn how to create better campaigns.
  • You have complete control over the ads campaign.
  • It helps you learn more about your business and audience.

Cons Of Managing Google Ads By Yourself

  • One wrong decision can cost you all your money.
  • Need to learn about hundreds of data metrics regarding Adwords.
  • Consumes more quality time to manage the overall ads campaign.
  • You need to be self-updated about the latest Adwords trend.
  • You may never know if you are doing it appropriately.

Hiring An In-House Team To Manage Your Ads Campaign

The in-house option is best suited for large scale companies where they hire a number of professionals to work within their marketing team.

Instead of outsourcing the Google Ads Management, they prefer to hire professionals to let them spend their marketing budget while experimenting and examining what works best and whatnot.

They don’t just have a team for PPC marketing but they also have someone or more who manages and instructs the whole marketing team.

Pros Of Hiring An In-House Team To Manage Your Google Adwords Campaign

  • You get a specific person who pays full-time attention to your AdWords account.
  • The specialist will be focused on the overall campaign performance and its accuracy.
  • You are fully aware of what’s been cooking by asking for daily updates.
  • Your manager knows how they might affect the campaign’s efficiency.
  • Their sole focus is on the success of the business.

Cons Of Hiring An In-House Team To Manage Your Google Paid Ads Campaign

  • You need to spend more time on introducing your business to the specialist.
  • Your in-house team may lack the support of a knowledgeable and experienced team like agencies.
  • Your ad managers will only work on one campaign which may stop their learning growth.
  • Paying out their salaries on time. Doesn’t matter if you are getting profit or not.
  • If they don’t understand your audience properly then it may lead to a bad decision.

Outsourcing Your Google Ads To A Professional Marketing Agency

Agency representatives are bound to be experts in their field. They won’t stay in business if they are not excellent at optimizing and managing accounts.

Their main priority is to learn more and more about their work to enhance their skill as well as their business. They also have a broader perspective on what they’re doing and are less likely to suffer from tunnel vision.

Pros Of Outsourcing Your Google Ads Campaign To Marketing Agencies

  • You let an experienced and a specialist team to work on your campaign.
  • Agency’s team focus is solely on PPC – with no distractions from other responsibilities.
  • They apply the best practices instead of wasting your time and budget on test-and-improve purposes.
  • Agencies are always up-to-date about the community updates and changes.
  • They have a more favorable suggestion that will help you achieve more.
  • You act like a client to them so they know that results in matters to you the most.
  • Relatively cheaper than increasing the headcount within your own business.
  • Outsourcing gives you and your team more time to focus on the business.
  • They have already worked on a project like yours. So, they have hands-on experience with your business type.
  • You only pay 15-20% of your overall ads budget, making it cheaper than in-house management

Cons Of Outsourcing Your Google Ads Campaign To Marketing Agencies

  • Agencies handle multiple clients and often move from handling one account to the other.
  • You need to be unambiguous and specific about your demands.
  • The agencies may not have any emotional attachment to your business.
  • You can’t expect someone to solely work on your campaign only.
  • They may recommend you something that you do not agree with (however, the ultimate decision-maker is you).

The Best Among The Three Options

In reality, the choice of whether to invest in a marketing agency doesn’t exclude the possibility of hiring your own in-house team or even DIY for that matter.

The whole point of working with an agency is to let your hard-earned money go further to access professional support in making positive business decisions and grow higher ROI.

The best solution is to outsource some of your ad work to an agency while retaining your key staff. This will not only boost their productivity but will also provide them with access to specialist skills and tools while expanding your potential for lead generation.

How To Choose The Right Company To Manage Your Google Ad Campaign?

Choosing a PPC agency is much like finding high-quality partners and vendors for your business. This is something that you shouldn’t take lightly.

The right agency can help your business drive a bundle of highly qualified, fast-converting traffic to your website. Whereas, with the wrong one you’re just paying to waste your resources on your behalf.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing the right PPC agency for your business.

1. Before you choose a PPC agency to manage your paid advertising efforts, it is crucial that you check their credentials. There are a few platform-specific PPC certifications you may check:

  • Google Ads Certification (formerly Google AdWords)
  • Bing Ads Accreditation
  • Facebook Blueprint Certification
  • YouTube Ads Certification

2. Ask Adwords agencies about their communication process. Decide on one primary point-of-contact and ask how quickly they can respond to questions, concerns, and strategic changes.

3. It is crucial to ask them about the contract between you. Take time to evaluate the conditions and make sure you’re comfortable with the terms before you sign it.

4. Be sure to look for their case studies and testimonials from other businesses. When an Adwords agency has experience in your business niche, then it will be more efficient and effective with your ads, audience, and results.

5. Though no company will reveal their strategy before you sign-up to their services, you can still identify it by asking the below questions:

  • Ask them about which platforms would be most likely to drive the best results you want based on your targeted audience.
  • If they have an existing PPC campaign, then ask them if they can offer suggestions about why it may not be driving the results you need and what they will be performing differently?
  • Ask them to explain how they will be spending your budget more efficiently.
  • Ask how will they make sure that your PPC and SEO strategies will benefit mutually.

6. Ask them about how they will be charging you, or what percentage they will charge you upon your monthly ad budget. It will be easy for you to calculate how much working with a PPC agency might cost you.

7. Ask what kind of PPC expertise do they have. It will be appropriate to choose them if they have some expertise in your business niche.

8. Ask about their reporting structure (daily, weekly, or monthly) and timeline.

Out of curiosity, many business owners do a Google search and get along with the most cost-effective PPC agency they can find. However, this is not the right approach one should take. Make sure to invest some time and effort to learn more about your various options and identify which is likely to be the best fit for you.

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of working with AMH Web Studio as your Gooogle Ads Partner, then please feel free to get in touch with our Google Ads Experts.