google search cosole speed test

Google is now rolling out the highly anticipated “Page Speed” report in Search Console.

Google has always been promoting and advocating for fast web experience. After all, it’s a very important factor affecting user experience and more. Website owners need to make sure that their websites are fast and responsive enough to help the users with the best possible experience, whether they are browsing, researching, reading, or shopping.

To make this process easier, Google began testing this last May and we have seen more and more webmasters get this report since then. But now, after many iterations and feedback from beta testers – the Speed report is rolling out publicly.

What are Speed Reports?

The “Speed” reports, which is now found under “Enhancements” in Google Search Console, helps webmasters to easily locate the sections and URLs of their websites that may have speed performance issues.
The page speed report makes it easy for site owners to figure out what is slowing their sites down.

Here are some screenshots for better understanding:

Google Search Console Speed Test
You will be able to diagnose and address issues that are slowing down your page load time. In short, Google will describe your pages as being “Fast”, “Moderate” and “Slow.”

Use of Page Speed report

Webmasters can use this report both for monitoring your performance and tracking fixes made to your websites. When an issue has been fixed, website owners can use the report to track whether user experience improved on a “fixed version” of their website.

Google will share more details on how to improve the speed of the pages by linking you over to the PageSpeed Insights tool.

Conclusion :
As said before, speed is not just a ranking factor for Google but also important for your website visitors and your conversion metrics. With this data, Webmasters and SEO’s will no longer have to look for any PageSpeed Tools and can now get all this information in one place.

In addition to this, the page speed report gives you historical data on improvements or possible problems over time.

Not sure how to implement and use Google Search Console and it’s benefits for your website growth, please feel free to get in touch with our Search Console Specialists at AMH Web Studio now!