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Google’s June 2019 Core Update: Small Update, Big Initiative

It’s not very common that Google ‘announces’ a core-algorithm update prior to it’s roll-out.

The updates were usually figured out by monitoring the ranking of the websites (in case of major fluctuation) or by chirping on SEO forums. However, this time, even Google realizes that the best way to educate the webmasters for an update is by acknowledging it on social media platforms, with Twitter being the priority.

Google might say that the June 2019 Core Update is as normal as any other core updates that are announced several times a year, but deep inside everybody knows that’s not the case this time around. Yes, you read that right. This might be a small update but a bigger initiative in order to provide expertise and trustworthy information to all the visitors.

Now gone are those days when a high authority domain used to step-up in SERP for relevant content. With this June 2019 Core Update, even the websites with not so good domain authority but fresh, expertise and trustworthy information will see a boost in rankings. These broad core updates are normally the kind of update for improving Google’s understanding of search queries and helping Google improve its web pages to give the user more relevant search results. They don’t want anything spammy that doesn’t relate to your search.

To be more specific, the websites that would fall under this update are as below;

News Health Beauty & Fitness
Finance Games Online Communities
Food & Drink Shopping Internet & Telecom
Sports Pets & Animals People & Society
Arts & Entertainment

Here are some tips to recover any loss due to this new update;

Every website will have a different experience altogether. This core update fundamentally changes the way Google ranks websites for search terms. But that doesn’t mean you have to be worried.

If you have been optimizing your websites genuinely, you shouldn’t see any major ranking drops if you do see any, feel free to get in touch with us right now.

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