Why design is important for life

As a creative design agency, our core job is not only to illustrate an idea but to convey the message behind it. In a way to help our clients, we constantly generate new and interesting ideas. As a result, we see design everywhere. We keep our eyes and mind open for inspiration and ideas, and it would surprise you to see some of the places it pops up!

Take a look at this interstate sign, for example:

how design impact our lives

This is a common sign explaining that if the drivers want to travel Cumberland Ave then continues straight but if they want to head towards Wisconsin they have to exit right. We have all seen tons of signs alike.

However, what will happen if we change the font?

how design impact our lives

Will you be able to read the signboard at the speed of 80 mph?

Do you think you would catch all the necessary information heading towards your destination? We sure wouldn’t!

This all comes down to design choices. There is no doubt that the second image has a beautiful, elegant, and a flowing script. However, it is difficult to read and understand where the speed permits you only a second or two to be sure about.

It’s a fabulous choice to use such fonts on a bridal shower invitation, but it a bad choice for something as simple as an interstate sign.

The design also permits us to sense a familiarity and bond with everything in our day-to-day life.

Do you know the history of the term ‘name brand’? In the 19th century and earlier, the mass products sold in the world were just labeled ‘sugar’, ‘butter’ or ‘flour’. Can you even visualize a world without your preferred trusted brands? It wasn’t until the early 20th century that companies started attaching names to their products and the idea of the brand was born.

This idea not only allowed companies to give a name but also a face, look, and feel to their products.

Could you even imagine Vodafone without Pugs? Or McDonald’s without the clown? Modern brands have identical effects, too! Tesla has captured the market on electric vehicles due to the robustness of the brand. It’s more than merely a product, it’s a trusted name and a lifestyle!

What’s the biggest way design impacts your day-to-day life?

Can you guess what it is? Signboards? Magazines? Well, the answer is a straight NO! In no greater way does design affect our everyday life than the internet. When designers build a website they consider the fact that how the audience interacts with it. Colors, fonts, shapes, and graphics, all dictate the level with which the audience enjoy and understand the content. And now you also have the liberty towards tablets, desktops, and smartphones to make sure your favorite website is easily accessible on all platforms.

Design is everywhere, and everything is designed. It makes our life easier, productive, and enjoyable. So next time you have your favorite website in front of you, or surfing social media posts, or even reading a poster hanging up at your local grocery store – remember that somebody has designed that for you!

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