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Instagram SEO – Best Way To Bloom Your Instagram Organically

Instagram SEO – Yes, you read that right. Instagram is now behaving a little like Google. Isn’t it?
Whenever you are looking for something on Instagram and search it accordingly, you will see several profiles related to your search query. Just like Google resulting in the appropriations.
There is a professional trick termed as ‘SEO’ which stands for ‘Search Engine Optimization’. Because of this trick, you’re able to see all the websites on Google’s search results page when you enter for something. The websites that appear in front of you have had surely been working on their SEO for website ranking.

What it would be like if your profile comes on top of the search, may it be Google or Instagram? Well, who doesn’t want that? Unless you ain’t expecting anything from Instagram. And especially, if you want to showcase what your business is all about. The good news is that you can even optimize your Instagram the same way you do for the websites.

Now the best part is when we say ‘same way’, that doesn’t mean ‘twinning’. By that term, we mean by the same logic and not the chores.

So, after enough of talking, let’s move on to how you can grow your Instagram account naturally (without paying to anyone) with genuine viewers.

Top Tricks To Optimize Instagram

1. Optimize Username on Instagram :
Your Instagram username acts like an important “keyword�. Have you ever thought this way?
The fact is, it acts as such. For example, if you’re looking for a ‘UI designer’ on Instagram and type ‘UI design’, see what happens in the below image;

Instagram SEO tips

Now do you notice, profiles with words like “UI” and “Design” appear in the search results? In case you’re wondering, your Instagram username is exactly what you write after the “@â€�.
For example, @amhthewebstudio

Some tips to optimize Instagram username: Try to add your specialty/industry/passion/location in your username.

2. Optimize Your Instagram Name:

Your Instagram name are the words in bold in your Instagram bio. Just like the way Username search works, even your Instagram profile name behaves the same way for Instagram users.

Look at the screen-shot again :

Instagram SEO tips

Profiles that have used the word “UI” “design” and “UI designer” show up in the search results.

Tip: Try to use important keywords related to your business/brand in your Instagram name. Write something that your ideal audience would use to find you.

3. Post Clean & Quality Images :

Instagram is a visual platform. Thus, it uses a technology called “image recognition” to figure what the context of your image. So your growth will inevitably come from your photos.
It should be easier for viewers to understand what your image is all about. May it be a face, car, book, landscape, pets, flowers, and anything. It should be clean and of higher quality.
Keeping your images clean does not mean that you cannot do any creative kinds of stuff with that. Of course, you can!
But, make sure the most important context of your post is way easily understandable.

4. Optimize Your Images With ALT Text :

When it comes to Instagram, you do not need any SEO agency to optimize your images for the website. Instead, it’s just a few clicks away and you have your ALT text added on the image.
This not only helps only Instagram to understand the images but also it gives the image a life outside of Instagram. Doing this, the image can appear in the search results of Google as well when someone searches for the same ALT Text word you used on the image.
It is the most recommended part of any image optimization. Use this trick now to be ahead of the crowd.
Here’s how it looks;

Instagram SEO tips

5. Use Proper Hashtags :

People can use the hashtags to find the services you provide or the interest you have. Above this, Instagram checks what hashtags you are using to show your posts to people who like the same things as you.
You can use up to 30 hashtags per post.
In general, try to use:

Tip: Google for ‘Hashtag Finder’ if you’re not sure what hashtags to use.

6. Post More Posts Like Your “Top Posts” :

Top Posts are quality posts. They are the ones that people loved the most from you. These are the posts that resulted in the most likes, comments, or engagement.
If there are some posts that people love on your account, why not post more of these kinds of posts? It will boost your Instagram account and make your followers super happy!
Keep riding that Top-Post Wave!

Here is an example to understand.

Instagram SEO tips

7. Interact With Others :

Spending a few minutes a day liking and commenting on other people’s posts will only make you grow. Instagram also indicates this by saying “What shows up in your feed is determined by what posts and accounts you interact with the most”.

If you are a business, then this seems to be a little tough. However, you can anyway interact with people on your posts. So, if you receive comments from viewers, don’t forget to acknowledge them.

8. Tag Key Accounts On Your Posts :

Look for key accounts/profiles with your interest/industry category and tag them on your photos. Doing this, you create a chance to get noticed and featured on their accounts.

You can easily tag up to 20 accounts on a post. Make sure you don’t go crazy with this routine. Tag them on posts you think they will like. Or tag accounts that you want to be featured on.

Instagram SEO tips

9. Tag Key Accounts In Your Instagram Stories :

Instagram has made it super easy to re-share Instagram Stories. So, whenever you post a story on Instagram, make sure you have tagged key people for whom the posts seem relevant.
For example, maybe you’re using a new product and you want to tag the company. The company will receive a notification that you mentioned them and might re-share your Story in their Story. This means that people watching their Story will see you and can click on the Story to visit your page.
So, when you find awesome accounts, write them down in your Notes app.

10. Find your own Instagram routine and stick to it :

Your Instagram routine and mindset are the 2 most important ways to grow your Instagram account.
Choose when you want to be on Instagram, an appropriate time to post, a specific time to like, and comment without feeling like you’re doing it for the sake to grow your account.
Don’t force Instagram into your life. Instead, fit Instagram into your life�.
Doing this will keep you happy, relaxing, and enthusiastic.

Final Conclusion :
The key to a happy and successful Instagram experience is by offering others with quality and unique content, apart from the optimization thing. Make sure you have noted down all the points we discussed.
If not, then here’s the summary to take a shot of!

Article Summary:

We genuinely hope that you find this trick and article useful. If you do, then please feel to share this with your friends.

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