With more than 6.5 billion searches a day, over 87.51% of the search market share on mobile and over 75% on desktop/laptop, we all know that Google sits right on top of the chart when it comes to the search engine world.

However, then, the question arises about ‘which is the second largest?’ You may think it’s Bing, DuckDuckGo, Baidu or Yahoo to some extent but believe us, they are not. Yes, you read that right. Bing stands tall at number 3 with 122.8 million searches a day, next comes DuckDuckGo with 40 million searches a day.

Then what is the second largest search engine right? It is none other than our very own YouTube, which is owned by Google, meaning they dominate the first two spots which way too huge numbers.

When you consider users, searches, and minutes spent on the website, YouTube has no competition at the first spot also belongs to the parent company, Google LLC.

No matter what business you have, may it be small, medium or a large scale business, you can always rely on the facts about the second largest search engine: YouTube.

Interesting Facts About Worlds Second Largest Search Engine. 

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Top Benefits of Including YouTube In Your Marketing Strategy

1. Cost-Effective :

Compared to the cost of television advertising, YouTube is free to use. Create unique and informative content to create videos and use YouTube to educate your audience about your brand, business, product or services.

2. Larger Audience :

There are nearly 2 billion visits to YouTube with over 150 Million Hours of video watched each day. Of all the available marketing channels, YouTube has the potential to reach the largest percentage of the population.

Along with being the second largest search engine on the planet, YouTube is a social platform that allows your users to share, like and comment on your content.

This gives your business more exposure and expansion which is needed in today’s era.

3. Increase In Website Traffic :

A well-optimized video must include a link to your website, increasing the potential that viewers will visit your website to learn more about you and your business.

It’s great if you integrate it on your business social media platforms too. It takes time to pull it off – from scriptwriting to post-production, but video advertising pays off!

4. Ranking Booster :

The more your business is visible, the more it will grow. Videos greatly help boost Google ranking as the interaction with your videos creates positive social signals, which can influence rankings.

We think businesses must invest in high-quality videos to drive traffic to their linked websites.

Don’t forget that YouTube is a Google product. Thus, Google uses these data & parameters to rank your website on Google Search Engine as well.

5. Create A Following :

With YouTube, one can create a huge following to influence the audience for your products or services. This also helps to improve your business. As mentioned before, with the potential to share, like and comment on the YouTube videos, one can always be open to the feedback of their audience and implement it for a good change.

Top YouTube Features You May Not Know About

1. Start Video At A Particular Point :

Sometimes, the entire video is not relevant to certain demographics in your audience. You may want to skip over some parts of the video. YouTube has a feature that allows you to dictate at which point your audience starts watching your video.

There are two ways to set up this feature:

A. Go to the video and a specific starting point in your video. Then, right-click and select “Copy video URL at the current time.” Finally, send the link to your audience and when they click on it, the video will start from that point.

B. Alternatively, go to the “Share” tab below your video and check the “Start at” box. Then put in the time you wish the video to start. Finally, share the URL with your audience.

It is a simple process, but this can make one video more interesting to a variety of people within your audience.

2. Upload Longer Videos :

Have you ever created an awesome video that you are proud of, then you try to upload it to YouTube and it says the video is too long (it exceeds 15 minutes)? It can be very frustrating, especially when YouTube offers a simple way to increase the length of videos, but it is hidden.

Simply follow these steps to activate the option:

A. Visit the upload page at

B. Click “Increase Your Limit” at the bottom of the page, or visit

C. Follow the steps to verify your account with a mobile phone number. This is currently the only way to “verify” your account, but it is a very useful option to have.

3. Customize Video Thumbnail :

Instead of allowing YouTube to randomly select your thumbnail, why don’t you add your custom thumbnail image that can showcase your moto behind the content very well?

Here’s how to do it:
A. Click your username in the upper right corner.
B. Click “Video Manager.”
C. Click “Edit” for the corresponding video you’d like to change.

For more information on uploading thumbnails to new videos follow this link:

Please Note: This feature can only be activated once you’ve verified your YouTube account.

4. Add Subtitles & Closed Captions :

Subtitles and captions can help your audience to understand your content very well, especially to those who speak other languages or who feel hard at hearing.

To add subtitles and closed captions, visit YouTube’s instructions here:

5. Create A Transcript :

Many people enjoy watching videos but find it hard to take in all the valuable information at once. This option allows the user to view a transcript of the video for their reference.

To view the video transcript, simply select the tab below the video.

Here are some tips for creating a transcript:

6. Create Playlists :

Creating playlists with relevant keywords can give your videos more opportunities to be found on the second largest search engine! They also improve the user experience of your channel, helping viewers navigate and find more of your content.

Here’s how to create and manage your own playlists:

Conclusion :
Being said earlier; The more your business is visible, the more it will grow. Start appearing on the second largest search engine to showcase your brand, business, product or even services. Include video marketing to your online marketing strategies and get ready to see wonders for your business.

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