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Discover Social Media Content Topics; Your Audience Are Curious About.

Sometimes or the other, we all run out of ideas for our social media audience. It is not a failure of your content creation. After researching N number of topics, when you finally post something for your audience, and you get no such response like you would have expected, that is the failure of your content creation!

The toughest part of running any social media campaign is to come up with content ideas that your audience is craving for; If you are posting the same thing over and over again on all your platforms, your content has already grown stale. Thus, failing to post engaging and unique content for your audience will get them bored, and they might even unfollow you someday.

You need to create content that your audience is already curious about, and here are some of the best and unique ways to find the topics.

Ways To Find Content Ideas That Your Audience Will Love

Use Social Media Analytics

One of the easiest and best ways to find what will work for you on social media is to use your social media analytics.
It helps in identifying what will work and will not.
You only need to study your top-performing posts and recreate them is a way that is much more useful and enjoyable than earlier. Try to include more information that is useful to the audience.

Here’s how to use your Facebook and Instagram analytics to find your top posts.


The easiest way to find your top-performing post on Facebook is to go on your ‘Page Insights’ and then click on ‘Posts’ and manually look for the content with high reach or engagement.
Another way is by clicking on ‘Insights’ and heading into ‘Overview’ and look for ‘the pages to watch’ feature. When you click on your page, it will show your top-performing posts of the week.


To get insights from Instagram, you need to have a business account. You can anytime convent your profile into a business account.
When you are into the business account, tap on the analytics account on your profile. Then, tap on ‘See more’ under the ‘Posts’ section. Here you can find your top Instagram posts sorted by impressions. You can also re-sort it by reach, engagement, and more, and also adjust the period.

You can also use the respective native analytics for the top-performing posts on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Asking Your Audience

The second and the most engaging way is to ask your audience itself. You can post a question or a poll on social media, asking, “What topics would you love to read about our business?” Or, “Which of the following content would you love to explore?”, respectively.
It will also help in engaging with the audience, which they love, and they may end up giving you a better suggestion for your campaign.

You can use Facebook and Instagram stories to create questions & polls. You can also email your blog subscribers and experiment the same. Try to create the questions and polls more interesting, funny, and entertaining.

Follow Industry Peers

The third way is to learn from your industry professionals.
Look for the top social media pages from your industry and understand what is working for them.
Once you recognize their theory, you can add more useful and creative information to your content and share it with your audience. What worked for your industry peers will surely work for you if you have the same target audience.
You can look beyond your direct competitors and learn from the companies you admire in your industry. See how they engage, what do they share, how it connects the audience, and try to use such relating ideas to your business.


Use can use ‘pages to watch’ feature in ‘Overview’ under ‘page insights.’ It will show you a list of companies with similar interests. You can compare the performance of your page with them to understand how they are building their followers with great and unique content.


On Twitter, you can make a list of your favorite companies and follow them to understand what type of content they are regularly sharing.
Steps to create a list on Twitter:

After creating the list, head towards your favored company profiles and click on the three dots and select ‘Add or remove from lists….’ to add them to your list.

The point here is to look for ideas and general patterns that you can adopt for your own business.

Using A Research Tool

The fourth strategy is to use content research tools like Buzzsumo, Cyfe, Ubersuggest, Google Alerts, Quora, to name a few.
These tools span different areas of content development, such as research, editing, and analytics. Use these tools to understand what is trending now and what your audience is expecting on social media. Get in tune with your niche with the mentioned tools.

Creating Marketing Personas

The next strategy is to create marketing personas.
A marketing persona is also known as a buyer persona, and it is a composite sketch of a prime segment of your online audience. It consists of their interests, hobbies, demographics, salary, and spending behavior.
It helps in understanding what type of content to create and share it on social media. They play a supreme part in understanding the market and the expectations.

Follow Trends

Keeping an eye out for general trends in the social media space and applying it to your creative content is a reliable way to keep your audience coming back to your profile again and again. Though it is not very specific to your audience, we believe it does play a vital role in holding back the audiences.

The major part of your audience is always curious about what’s happening around. Offering your audience something new every time will pay you back with loyalty and trust towards you.

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Always remember, followings are a by-product of your content. The more useful, informative, and unique it is, the more your audience love to share and discuss. Try the above ideas to create a successful campaign and let us know how much it worked for you.
If you have any queries or suggestions, then please feel free to express it with our experts at AMH Web Studio.

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