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Top 10 SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Designs

Responsive design is not a trend or fleeting preference, but a long-term strategy you need to invest in it.
It is highly critical for many reasons, and also one such technique that will boost your website SEO (Search Engine Optimization) efforts comprehensively.

Technology and the expansion of mobile websites are pushing web designers to think like an SEO expert while designing the website. That has led to a mutual collaboration between your SEO and Designing team.

The goal here is to create something that will not only grab the attention of online visitors but also relish you with SEO values from search engines.
Before learning the core benefits of a responsive website, let us first understand what responsive web design is.

What Is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive website design is all about letting your website run smoothly on all the devices, may it be a Desktop/Laptop or MAC, Tablet or iPad, Android smartphone or an iPhone, etc.

It is an approach to respond to the users in the way they expect from you. No matter what screen size, platform, or orientation you have, responsive web design can meet all your needs.

The ultimate goal of responsive web design is to avoid the unnecessary efforts made by the users for resizing, scrolling, zooming, or panning, and help them with a product that is easy and efficient to use.

Why Invest In Responsive Website Design?

In this digital age, the number of mobile users has increased like anything, and so does mobile devices. Not all mobile devices have the same screen dimension, and not all browsers work the same way.

So, to let your website work efficiently with all the digital devices available in the market, the best option is to make it a responsive one. It will not only help your website but your SEO efforts too.

Let’s take an in-depth look at all the top SEO benefits of responsive website design so you can understand a little more about why you should invest in a responsive website.

How Responsive Web Design Improves Your Website SEO?

Boost Organic Ranking

Google is and will always be user-centric, and has declared numerous times that responsive design is their preferred mobile configuration. It entails that SEOs who focus on the users, instead of anything else, are favored by Google.
So, everything that responsive design does to your website has a direct impact on your (SEO) organic search engine ranking.

Device & Browser Independent

A website that is compatible with all the different browsers and various dimensional devices is what users and search engines love to engage. The process also makes it easy for the search engines to crawl and index all the content available on the site. All-in-all, this aids your SEO efforts as this is a user and search engine centric process.

Better User Experience

Poor user experience on mobile can drastically hurt your rankings even if your desktop site is fine. Whereas a responsive website design makes sure that the user experience is good, and hence people will love spending time on the website. Thus, it automatically increases the ranking and search results.

Faster Page Speed

Page speed is the indication of how fast the page content of your site loads. Quicker page loading is one of the core factors of organic search engine ranking. Google prefers mobile pages to load in one second or less. A responsive website loads faster on all devices, giving a better user experience and enhancing website ranking on Google.

Decreased Bounce Rate

The bounce rate relates to the time spent on a site. Google interprets short dwelling time as an indication of the irrelevancy of the content that a site contains. Even if there is no problem with the content, the design plays a hindrance to easy comprehension, compelling people to leave the site in no time. And this is where responsive design saves your online business.

Less Duplicate Content

You do not need different websites for different devices or browsers. A separate website for desktop and mobile uses a distinct URL. But content is the same for both the desktop and mobile website that leads to the duplication of your site content, which affects your website ranking. With responsive design, you have one universal website, with unique content and uses one location to correspond with all sizes. Thus, minimizing the duplication penalty.

Stronger Link Building

Link building is one of the best strategies for quality and effective SEO. Google keeps a note of the backlinks you have on your website and makes sure to offer high-quality content to the viewers. A responsive design will make sure that the backlinks are placed effectively and get boost up effortlessly.

Enrich Social Media Presence

Social media sharing helps to connect with the target audience and increases traffic to the website. It lets users search for your website and get noticed by the search engines. A responsive website makes it easy for you to share your content on the various social media platforms for boosting awareness.

Increased Mobile Traffic

An essential contribution of responsive and mobile-friendly web design is the increased numbers in mobile traffic. With the increased number of mobile and internet users, the maximum number of searches come from mobile devices. By practicing responsive design, you give your website the chance to receive more value, an improvement in SEO results, and conclusively more mobile traffic.

More Leads/Sales

The core goal of responsive web design is to create something that offers value to your online audience in terms of information, usability, and experience. And once you do that, your repeat visitors, conversion rates, and revenue will grow as well. If you are looking to continued success with search marketing, then we highly recommend considering responsive web design

The Bonus: Google Love Responsive Websites

Responsive design makes Google’s life a lot easier. It is easy to crawl, index, and appropriate to forward it to the users. The more user-friendly your website is, the more star it adds to your overall SEO campaign.

The simple rule here is not only to make Google happy but the users and the crawler. Make users life easy, and Google will make your life easy.

What Can You Do To Make Your Website Design Responsive?

Now that you understand what responsive design is and why it is so significant to your online business, you can start with responsively redesigning your website.

If you feel this is too much to handle on your own, then get in touch with AMH Web Studio. We will go all out to optimize your existing website for mobile devices or even create a brand new, responsive solution from scratch. Contact us now!

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