Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress
5 Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress

As we understand that all the website elements are not coequally created. This is because some elements matter and some matters the most.

Every website has some standout elements for their business. Below are some examples;

  • Customer Reviews
  • Ratings
  • Product Pricing & Size
  • Recipe Ingredients (for cooking website)
  • Operating Hours

It’s passably evident how important such elements are to your website.

However, is there a way to let search engines understand these elements on your website?

Yes, with ‘schema markup’ and ‘rich snippets’, Google recognizes the important website elements and lets the user read it on the Search Engine Results Page itself.

Isn’t that a great thing for a user to get these important factors of the business just after they hit the search button? Yes, it is, and that’s what Google admires to do.

Let’s understand deeply about ‘What Are Schema Markup & Rich Snippets?’

Rich Snippets are the few lines of text that appear under every search result and they are designed to give users a sense of what’s on the page and why it is relevant to their search.

Schema markup is the HTML code that one uses to create rich snippets.

Here is an example:

Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress
Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress

Let’s assume, you want to buy the Iron Man toy online and you type “avengers iron man toys” on Google and the result appears like this.

As you can see in the image, not only you will get websites to buy Iron Man toys, but also you will be able to see some key elements for your search like Reviews and Ratings, Pricing, Size, etc.

Such an important factor in the product that users want to see. Isn’t it? These are called Rich Snippets. And if you add them to your site, you’ll naturally boost it higher on Google’s SERPs.

How Rich Snippets Helps Boosting Your Website Ranking?

Rich snippets do not directly affect your website’s ranking on Search Engines. However, they still play a key role in bringing genuine traffic to your website.

To illustrate, let’s assume if you want to make a White Forest Cake for your family. You go on Google and type “White Forest Cake Recipe”.

Below are the results you may get :

Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress
Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress

As a genuine user, which website will you click through? The one which has better ratings, less time duration, and fewer calories, right?

What if your visitor has all the options on the search results page itself? Yes, you guessed that right. The user will click on the one which has better detailing.

The star rating, votes, and description (all rich snippets) encourage a user to visit the website and this is how rich snippets increase your click-through rate.
And the higher your click-through rate, the more likely Google will notice you.

So how do you add rich snippets to your WordPress site?

The Best 5 Schema Plugins For WordPress

There is no better news for you if you are using WordPress to handle your website. With WordPress, there is no need to touch a bit of code to implement Rich Snippets.

Simply choose a schema plugin, and creating rich snippets will be as easy as ever.

Here the top 5 plugins that marketers love to use:

1. Schema Pro

Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress
Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress

One of the fastest and easiest ways to add rich snippets to your website is with Schema Pro. You can add your preferred configurations to all your pages and posts in just a minute.

Schema Pro advocates 13 useful schema types. These are:

  • Books
  • Events
  • People
  • Courses
  • Services
  • Job Postings
  • Video Objects
  • Local Businesses
  • Articles (news, blog, etc.)
  • Reviews ( music, movies, products, books, etc. )
  • Products ( give searchers detailed information on what you’re selling )
  • Software applications ( add reviews and star ratings to give your applications a boost )
  • Recipes ( you can create your own attractive schema rich card that’ll boost your click-through rate )

Price: $79/month or $249/lifetime

2. All in One Schema Rich Snippets

Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress
Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress

All in One Schema Rich Snippets has to be one of the smartest plugins one can find for schema markup.

Along with its simple usability, it also offers you with snippets for reviews, ratings, events, articles, and software applications. What’s interesting about All in One Schema Rich Snippets is it’s made by the same maker as Schema Pro.

But, that’s not the best part of this plugin. The best part is that you can use it for FREE.

The only downfall of using this plugin is that it doesn’t support automation. You’ll have to add schema markup to each page of your site manually.

If you’re just starting with these and want to try something for free? Go with All in One Schema Rich Snippets.

Price: FREE

3. Schema and Structured Data for WP & AMP

Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress
Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress

Schema and Structured Data for WP & AMP support 33 schema types.

Three unique ones include:

  • How To (list the steps in your ‘how-to’ article to be featured in your rich snippets).
  • Q&A (if your article is in a question and answer format, you can feature the most relevant questions and answers as rich snippets).
  • Audio object (you can add details about audio you upload like date of upload, length, etc.).

Do you want to know what’s the best part of this plugin? If the schema type you’re looking for isn’t a part of the 33 types, you can request a customized one, as per your need!

Other features of this plugin:

  • Pull reviews from over 75 sites.
  • Get customized review rating boxes with schema markup
  • Compatible with other schema plugins like SEO Pressor and WP SEO Schema.

Price: Personal: $99, Webmaster: $149, Freelancer: $299, Agency: $499

4. WP Review Plugin

Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress
Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress

WP Review Plugin is one of the best suitable options for eCommerce websites.

The main focus of this plugin is to increase customer interaction with product and service ratings and reviews.

This plugin is also best suitable for you if you are a blogger. You can use it to rank and rate tools, software, recipes, or anything else you review.

Top features of this plugin:

  • Lightweight, won’t slow your site down.
  • 2 templates for review boxes to choose from.
  • Unlimited color changes for individual reviews.
  • Rating systems using points, percentages, or stars.
  • Supported by most WordPress themes (both free and paid).

WP Review Plugin is very easy to install and configure, thus making schema markup simple for the least tech-savvy person.

Personal (one website): $49/year or $236/lifetime.
Developer (more than one website): $149/year or $596/lifetime.
Agency (affiliate marketer): $299/year or $1,196/lifetime.

5. WP SEO Structured Data Schema

Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress
Essential Schema Plugins for WordPress

WP SEO Structured Data Schema is the second in our list that is a FREE plugin, containing all the basics you need for schema markup and rich snippets.

It assists schema types including organizations, local businesses, videos, events, and ratings. Along with this, you can also add people’s names, GEO coordinates, business descriptions, working hours, logos, and more.

Price: FREE

Conclusion: How to find the best WordPress Schema Plugin for your website?

Schema markup and rich snippets are very essential to your website’s SEO.

Along with making your website look attractive and encourage people to click the website link, it also helps you stand out in the ocean of competitors.

So, how do you choose the best schema plugin for your site then? It’s simple, determine your needs.

If you have a simple website that doesn’t require detailed rich snippets? Go for a free, user-friendly plugin. If you are a freelancer or an affiliate marketer, you can blindly invest in the plugin with the latest features.

As soon as you install the right WordPress Schema Plugin for your website, you’re ready to use a powerful tool that’ll make your click-through rate go through the roof.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to express it at AMH Web Studio!