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What are Hashtags and How do you Use them to Boost your Social Media

Hashtags have been introduced into the social media realm for a while now but the longer it lasts the stronger and more important it becomes. A hashtag has become a basic necessity for all influencers, businesses, and bloggers as it helps separate each topic and makes it easier for viewers to view and follow only topics that interest them.

How to Spot a Hashtag? 

Hashtags are used within captions, either within the content or mentioned after a gap of a line. Any word can be used as a hashtag if mentioned after a # symbol. It can either be a one-word hashtag or many however it will be non-applicable if there is space or any punctuation between each word.

What is a Hashtag used for?

They are used to join conversations and hot topics that are trending, such as
• #fashion
• #food
• #nailart
• Events like #sunburn or #goacarnival
• Holidays and festivals like #Holi or #NationalPizzaDay
• Or to even join communities such as #LGBTQ or #PETA

What are the Benefits of Using Hashtags?

• They help build your brand as a company
• They help boost your online marketing
• They can increase engagement and awareness
• They help you find your targetted audience
And much more!

How to Effectively Use them to Boost your Social Media?

Hashtags can only help your business marketing strategy if it is used effectively and is relatable. If you do not use relatable and useful hashtags then it might not give you the results you expected. Listed below are a few tips on selecting the right hashtags for your marketing strategy.

To know more information about hashtags or to get more tips on how to enhance your social media platforms, contact our Social Media Experts at AMH Web Studio.

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