What If We Stop Doing SEO

Often, businesses pause, resume or even stop performing SEO onto their website. The majority feels that taking a break won’t cost their website any tiny drawback.

However, the awful veracity is that it’s austere to overturn the momentum after a website follows the unwanted direction. Not performing SEO is seriously an unwanted direction your website is heading towards.

But, what if your client has no more interest in SEO and asks you to stop it. Here’s what you can let them understand about the relation between your Website and SEO. Don’t amaze them with reasons, hurt them with the truth.

Here’s what will happen if you stop doing several SEO activities on your website:

If you stop adding new content :

Well, there’s no harm to say that Content is still the King and if you dare stop publishing new ones, here’s what will happen.

1. You may just stop targeting new terms consistently. You will not be able to rank for new keywords and new traffic.

2. You stop creating and adding a new webpage that can be linked to other webpages. Avoiding new content will not help you with quality internal links.

3. You stop getting new visits on the website to add your audience into remarketing, email list and push notification list.

4. You stop generating content that can be master pages to all other pages on the topic. They often rank well.

5. You no longer have the liberty to share new and updated posts on social media that can get you some genuine traffic.

6. People no longer return to your website looking for new information and instead prefer your competitors who are much updated. This reduces your branded searches, which are an indicator of quality to Google.

Overall, if you stop generating the content, Google understands that your website is no longer as active as it was and thus lets your website left way behind where no one gonna reaches you organically.

If you avoid updating technical issues

We have never seen a website that does not lack some of the other technical issues. If you stop monitoring the technical aspect of the website, here’s what will happen;

1. You block your website with robots.txt

2. You generate duplicate content.

3. You accidentally push your development site into the index.

It is incredibly important to stay technically correct, especially with new developments such as mobile usability, page speed, AMP and more. If you have stopped doing this then it may cost your website down the line.

If you stop refreshing pages

When you refresh your webpage correctly, traffic increases by 10% to 30% or even more than that. With more updated and value-added content, Google provides even more value to your website.

There are several ways to add refreshing values to your website. Here are some of them :

  1. Adding schema
  2. Updating dates
  3. Updating facts
  4. Making the text longer
  5. Adding FAQs to the page
  6. Changing a page template
  7. Adding links to other articles
  8. and more…..

The most important thing to look for when refreshing a page is whether or not it matches search intent, and if the page in question is better than the #1 ranking page.

If you stop building new pages

The best you can grow your website is by building new pages. This will help improve your website’s quality score and conversion rates all around.

We believe websites should always be targeting new terms and organizing them by segment. These segments should be prioritized based on business goals.

However, if you stop this process, you may lose your competitive advantage by losing keyword growth momentum.

If you stop watching out for bad backlinks

One of the best parts of SEO is to analyze the backlinks of the website. And if you stop performing it, your backlink profile can get out of control.

When you watch your backlinks, you will see the following happen:

1. People scrape your website content and keep the links in by accident.

2. You get Google alerts from sites hacked by malware.

3. Competitors try to do negative SEO on your site.

In this case, updating the Disavow file once in a month is a must. This will help you avoid risks that can degrade your website ranking.

If you neglect searching out for stolen content

Checking duplicate content on your website is important. But, to check if any other website has your website’s content published is also as important.

If you simply copy your landing page content and put it in the Google search bar with quotes, and if you find other websites as well with the same content then there is something to be done from your end.

When this happens, this is all you need to do :

1. Rewrite the content on your website.

2. Ask the other website/s to take it down.

3. File a DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) on them if they are not willing to put the content down from their website.

4. Consider sending them a cease-and-desist.

5. You may even contact the hosting company and ask them to remove the site.

Regardless, if you neglecting for stolen content, it could result in an extremely negative effect on your business and website ranking. This is something you need to catch right away.

Final Thought on why you should not stop doing SEO

When you stop SEO, you’ll notice a drop in rankings and a drop in traffic. Just like when you don’t fuel your car and it won’t move further. The same way SEO works towards your website.
Abandoning your efforts is the worst thing you can do. Search engine optimization is a long-term game. You won’t see changes overnight.

Keeping your site optimized doesn’t have to cost a fortune or take up an enormous amount of time, so there’s no excuse for ever stopping SEO unless you are considering closing down your business.

If you are still not sure about how to go ahead with SEO, please feel free to get in touch with our SEO Experts now!