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A vCard is a digital business card designed to be interpreted by your mail client or other programs that import contact data, such as Outlook, Thunderbird or Address Book. By including a vCard on your website, you make it easy for visitors to download your information and easily contact you in the future.



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NFC Business

Conversations and meetings occurring in your everyday life make up an integral part of business developments. Save on crucial resources like Time and recurring monetary expenses, associated with regular business cards, and grace the digital age with open arms. Bring the digital transition to your work life.

Move on to our NFC business cards. Elegant, eco friendly and reusable cards that share your information with just a tap.
Built for the digital age. Built for fast.

What It Has

One touch is all it takes. To follow me Add a classy touch to your professional work. Beautiful, sleek and eco-friendly cards to showcase your portfolio, and share your profile. One card, one hundred possibilities. 1 tap and you're already gone. All it takes to share your portfolios and contact details, is a tap of your shiny new card. Our cards are meticulously crafted to your liking, at the most economical prices marketwide. Marketwide leaders in quality and price. Sharing information in the information age has never been simpler.

A glance and you're there, A tap and you're there, One touch is all it takes.

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